Breaking up is hard to do.

We can make it easier.

Liquidations, Cleanouts & Moves:


We will buy office furniture and electronics of recent vintage and in good condition.

To inquire, send photos and lists to

Please understand that we have to put miles on a truck, pay employees to move the items, refurbish the items and sell them, and in the meantime, pay rent to store them. You'll do much better selling it yourself online to end-users rather that to a store like ours, but if you just want simplicity, we may be able to give you a small sum or a credit toward our full-service Cleanout fee (see below). You'll also be helping to support our 2nd Chance employment program.

Do well, while doing good!


If you need things taken away, we can remove selected items or everything, and leave the space broom-clean if desired, for a fee of $125/hour for two workers and a truck. Minimum 1 hour.

If more than two workers are required to finish in one day, the rate for additional workers is $62.50/hour/worker. One-way travel time is charged and if you don't have a dumpster on site, then we charge for our time to unload and dispose of the material at our dumpster.

There may be a disposal fee for non-metal waste at the pro-rated charge of $180 for a full 8-yard dumpster. For example, if only 1/4 of the dumpster is used, the fee would be $45. There is no fee for metal disposal. See below regarding Quotes or Estimates.

Alternatively, either you or we can arrange for an onsite dumpster, which will normally save you money if you have a lot of stuff.

If we're taking it away, we refurbish and sell what we can to support our 2nd Chance program and we give other usable items to Goodwill. We recycle metal waste.

We take a 2-hour deposit to hold the day, fully refundable unless the job is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

Commercial (Business) Moves

Our rate is $125/hour for two workers and a truck. If more than two workers are required to finish in one day, the rate for additional workers is the same, $62.50/hour/worker. We’ll recommend the number of workers required depending on your photos and list of what is to be moved. There is an additional $2/mile charge for the moving distance.

Quotes & Estimates:

We will quote projects that are over 50 workstations, but otherwise, we do not provide quotes or estimates.

Our people are pros and know how to get the job done as quickly as possible without risk to your items, but we can't control for how ready the job is when we get there or for access issues or unanticipated requests, so we just can't do estimates. That said, this means we we will never "rush" a job and we will do whatever you ask us to do. It's your dime, and you're the boss.

We are fully insured and we are happy to provide your landlord or property management office with our COI (Certificate of Insurance).

To Schedule: Call 860-570-1390 or email