Breaking up is hard to do.

We can make it easier. 

If you are moving or closing your offices, we will remove what has to go and if required, we can leave your property "broom clean" while responsibly recycling what can't be refurbished for resale.

If you're moving or upgrading, and whether or not you hire us to help you plan your new office with 2D and 3D drawings and furnishing recommendations, THEN,

We can move or reconfigure your entire office according to your plans, including setting up your furniture where you want it in your new space.

We have unique skills in moving office furniture. The same people who deliver and install new furniture here every day all over Connecticut are the ones who will move and install yours, and just as carefully. 

We charge $95 per hour for two professionals and a truck and $190/hr for four, plus $0.30 per mile if the move is over 10 miles. We'll advise how many people we think will be most efficient.

A dumpster fee may apply but we will save what we can. If some of the items that you don't want are good quality and in very good condition, we'll pay you for them. 

We are fully insured and we are happy to provide your landlord or property management office with our COI.

To schedule, just call. That's all.