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We sell NEW and Pre-Owned Office Furniture and Equipment

Whether you are donating or buying office furniture and equipment, you help us to provide:

A 2nd Chance for formerly incarcerated individuals and those in recovery from addiction who struggle to get jobs and housing. We provide work experience, training and steady employment at a living wage so they can qualify for decent housing and potentially secure even better employment.

Even if you buy NEW furniture and equipment from us, you help our business acquire and sell pre-owned merchandise to others.

This helps to provide a 2nd Chance for the planet, by conserving non-renewable natural resources and curbing the production of greenhouse gasses that come from mining, manufacturing, and transportation of new stuff.


By enabling the reuse of goods, we are reducing demand for newly manufactured goods, which means:

Conservation of non-renewable natural resources, like coal, oil, and all the metals and minerals used to make all our stuff.

Less pollution of streams, rivers, oceans and the atmosphere from less mining, manufacturing, and transportation of new stuff.

Reduction of Greenhouse Gasses
Making new stuff means producing greenhouse gasses from:
Manufacturing the machinery needed to get the raw materials out of the ground.
Manufacturing the ships, trains, and trucks needed to transport the raw materials.
Building mills and factories.
Transporting the raw materials to the mills and factories,
Manufacturing the machinery needed to manufacture the new stuff,
Manufacturing the new stuff,
Manufacturing more ships, trains, planes, and trucks to transport the new stuff,
Transporting the new stuff to wholesalers, then to retailers, then to end-users.

All this means enormous expenditures of energy, which generally involves the burning of fossil fuels and the production of greenhouse gasses.  Making new stuff and getting it to the end-user is the primary cause of climate change.

When you buy used stuff instead of new, the only energy expended is getting it from local donors to us, and then getting it to you. That's a small fraction of the energy involved in all the mining, manufacturing and transportation that we order-up every time we buy new stuff.

A 2nd Chance for the Formerly Incarcerated:

The U.S. now has only 4.6% of the world's population but it has 22.3% of the world's prisoners. The number of prisoners per 100,000 people in the U.S. is six to nine times that of Canada and Western Europe.[i] 

Many of their sentences are for non-violent offenses like drug possession, for which enforcement and sentencing have been proven to be highly discriminatory. Once the offenders are released from prison, they often find that they are effectively sentenced again, this time to a lifetime of abject poverty because no one will hire them. Without jobs, and ineligible for most public assistance programs, they can't get decent housing, and many wind up homeless or living in squalor. Instead of rehabilitation, they face what has come to be known as "Permanent Punishment." Not surprisingly, a majority are back in prison within a few years. 

For adult men coming out of prison, job programs have proven to reduce recidivism (going back to prison).[ii]

Value Office Furniture / 2nd Chance Planet wants to help, by giving formerly incarcerated people and people in recovery from addiction a chance at a living-wage job and a chance to qualify for and afford decent housing. We provide job training, experience, and steady employment at a living wage.

How You Can Help

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You can make a one-time donation to help us train and employ someone coming home HERE.


Help us rehab our store, paint signs, repair equipment and merchandise, or recycle materials. We need lots of help!  Call 860.570-1390.


[i] Washington Post Fact Checker 4/30/2015. "Does the United States really have five percent of the world's population and one quarter of the world's prisoners?

[ii] "More Than a Job, Final Results from the Evaluation of the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) Transitional Jobs Program"