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See the feature article about us in West Hartford Life 32

Gregory Spear is getting a second chance to do good.
Sara Piatti is getting a second chance with a home and her children.
Value Office Furniture is getting a second life from a benefit corporation.
Terry Danaher is getting a second chance to make the business a success.
Furniture is getting a second chance to occupy an office.
And it’s all because of 2nd Chance Planet Inc. that began as Spear’s dream.
  • Gregory Spear
Have You Heard? We're Having a Chair Sale!

Have You Heard? We're Having a Chair Sale! 33

Chair Sale!  Any new chair comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all mechanical components!  Any pre-owned chair over $100 comes with a SIX MONTH GUARANTEE on all mechanical components. 
Frontline and The New York Times Special: "Life on Parole"

Frontline and The New York Times Special: "Life on Parole" 39

Frontline and the NYT collaborated to follow 10 inmates, including 4 in CT for a year after release: Here's the 54 minute video special.

Volunteer with us or Donate. 38

Volunteer or Donate!

After three years of planning and on-the-job learning, the doors are open at Connecticut's first Benefit Corporation whose mission is to train and employ formerly incarcerated people and people in recovery from addiction.

We're up and running, having taken over an established business, Value Office Furniture in West Hartford, but WE NEED SO MUCH HELP!

We need VOLUNTEERS for tons of jobs inside the store, and for help online with outreach to let the greater Hartford business community know we're here, offering the best deals in new and lightly-used office furniture and equipment.

We also need money!  In the Spring of 2018, we moved to a much larger location so we can train and employ more 2nd Chance people, and the move was expensive. The former tenant at our new location was a curtain factory and to bring the property up to code for a retail establishment meant extensive renovations.

If you can help, either by volunteering or by donating to help with our expenses, please call me personally.  

Gregory Spear

860-570-1390  x4

Re-Registration as Connecticut Benefit Corp 37

Our generous team of pro-bono legal beagles from Murtha Cullina LLC has successfully guided us through incorporation as a Connecticut Benefit Corp and taken care of other related regulatory business. Why a Benefit Corp? We can't be a non-profit because we buy and sell merchandise, not just accept it as donations, so a Benefit Corp is the next best thing.

It means we are a for-profit corporation with a social mission, and transparent about our progress in pursuing that mission. Just because we're for-profit doesn't mean we have to make one! All of our net proceeds will be plowed back into the business to make it a successful training program and permanent employer of formerly incarcerated people. Special thanks to Bill Pinney, there, who has made this a personal commitment and put in a lot of time.

Osborn Prison Workshop Visit

Osborn Prison Workshop Visit 0

After a month-long process of getting a security clearance and approval from the Department of Corrections, I was warmly welcomed at the Osborn Correctional Institute and given a tour of its own employment training center, which happens to be a furniture making and refinishing operation that should leave its trainees perfectly suited to at least some of our open positions. The staff there is seasoned, wise, and incredibly compassionate. They clearly care a great deal about doing whatever they can to not see their "graduates" ever again!

  • Gregory Spear