Safety Measures During COVID-19 Crisis

How We're Working to Keep You and Our Staff Safe

Another way that Value Office Furniture is a Company with Values

Inside Our Store

The Showroom is open. We ask customers to sanitize at the door and gloves and masks are available at that station. Like us, you must wear a mask at all times, and it must be snug and over your nose as well as your mouth. Experts agree that the Corona virus is airborne and MOST TRANSMISSION is by people who show no symptoms and do not know they are infected. Our best protection is masks. 

We have a very large space, so it is not often that you will encounter another customer. With our 14-foot high ceilings in most places, the airflow also makes our environment low-risk. 

We sanitize any pre-owned furniture as it arrives in our warehouse either by spraying with an alcohol solution or by letting it sit outside of the showroom for long enough to deactivate any possible virus

Deliveries to You

If we deliver to you, we re-sanitize your furniture after it is off the truck. We are not delivering inside homes at this time (July 2020). We will deliver inside sparsely occupied commercial offices.

Your delivery person will always wear a mask and try to maintain the recommended 6' distance from you. If two delivery people are needed, they will arrive in separate vehicles so that they can maintain a safe distance from each other.

Pickups at Our Store

If you are picking up from our store, we will sanitize the furniture outside (weather permitting) with an alcohol solution before you load it up. Maintaining social distance while helping you load can be tricky. Please help us navigate that.

Please consider letting us deliver to you vs. picking up at our store. This is often free. Stay Home & Stay Safe. See our Delivery Rates here.