Safety Measures During COVID-19 Crisis

How We're Working to Keep You and Our Staff Safe

Another way that Value Office Furniture is a Company with Values

Our Staff is Vaccinated

Please consider getting vaccinated so you can help protect your loved ones and neighbors the way we are protecting you. 

Inside Our Store

In our store, we ask customers to sanitize at the door.  Like us, you must wear a mask at all times, and it must be snug and over your nose as well as your mouth.MOST TRANSMISSION is by people who show no symptoms and do not know they are infected. Our best protection other than a vaccine is masks. 

We have a very large space, so it is not often that you will encounter another customer. With our 14-foot high ceilings in most places, the airflow also makes our environment low-risk. We also have a large, commercial HEPA air cleaner, and our loading dock doors are frequently open, providing even more air exchange.

Deliveries to You

Our vaccinated and masked staff will deliver inside inside your commercial or residential buildings.

See our Delivery Rates here.