Office Sanitizing

Cleaning & Sanitizing Service:

  • Call us at 860-570-1390 to discuss your needs.

  • With the Delta variant, a non-symptomatic person merely breathing near someone indoors may be enough to infect them. Although this is the primary way it spreads because the virus can live in tiny droplets in the air for hours, it can also live on hard surfaces for up to THREE DAYS.

  • Our cleaning and disinfecting service disinfects all frequent-contact surfaces to help prevent infection. Our staff is trained in basic infection-control cleaning procedures. We follow the latest guidelines from the EPA & the CDC to stay abreast of the ever-changing scientific assessments of how the virus works, how it spreads and what kills it.

Your Preparation:

  • You should prepare for our visit by clearing counters, desks, sinks, conference tables and chairs of any belongings, papers, etc.  

What we do:

  • Workers will arrive in your office in single-use, medical-grade, isolation suits. They are equipped with half-face respirators using organic-vapor, P100 filters (better than N95).

  • We clean all frequent-contact surfaces using EPA & CDC guidelines for disinfectants & procedures that are effective against Covid-19. We must clean the surfaces conventionally before they can be effectively disinfected so just a quick wipe-down may not do the job. The good news is that your furniture should look like new when we're done.

  • In our Standard Service, we sanitize floors, desks, chairs, computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, tablets, doors, storage cabinets, kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Floors are optional and if requested, they are done last and sprayed with disinfectant that kills Covid-19. This includes carpets. Our disinfectant does not discolor carpet and does not leave any residue. See below for information about what we use and where.

Regular Repeat Option:

  • We can contract for regular sanitizing on any frequency desired. 

Deeper Clean Option: 

  • A more-extensive deeper clean service is available if you require cleaning of walls and hidden, non-contact surfaces. A deeper clean should NOT be expected to further decrease the risk of Covid-19 infection, but it may be helpful with other issues such as dust and mold, which can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. 


  • The rate for our cleaning & sanitizing service is $100 per hour, per worker, with a 2 hr minimum. The hourly rate decreases for larger projects. Once your service is scheduled, a deposit covering two hours of service is required to hold the time. We block out plenty of time to complete your project based on the number of workstations and square footage involved but you are only billed for the time actually spent on the job. We can currently provide up to 10 workers for larger facilities.

    We offer only an hourly rate and do not provide estimates. This is because your office configuration, your staff's preparation and your company's needs can greatly influence the time required. A well-cleared, basically clean workstation might take 5 minutes to disinfect while a dirty, cluttered one the same size might take a half hour. If you request drawers and cabinets to be cleaned inside, the overall cost would increase accordingly. 

    Wherever possible, we use a mechanical sprayer to save time.

What we use to sanitize your office:

  • Hundreds of chemical products have been approved by the CDC for killing Covid-19. We wanted one that could be used on nearly all surfaces without discoloring or staining. We therefore don't use bleach solutions except for bathrooms and kitchens. Many other chemicals can be toxic to breathe or even touch and have to be cleaned up themselves after they are used, and/or they must stay wet on the surface being treated for five or ten minutes to be effective, which makes them impractical.

  • We therefore opted for an isopropyl alcohol solution for most surfaces to be cleaned. This is the main ingredient (at 60%+) in hand-sanitizers that are approved for Covid-19. It doesn't stain most materials, can be used on fabric as well as hard surfaces, and in a 70%+ solution, kills Covid-19 in one minute according to the CDC. VAPORS can be dangerous to inhale in large quantity, so if spraying is appropriate for your facility, only personnel with solvent respirators should be present. You may request no spraying, in which case carpets cannot be sanitized, but that is not thought to increase the risk of infection. 

  • A typical commercial office ventilation system should remove any residual odors from the solution overnight.

    We use Military Specification TT-I-735A NOT.3 Grade A Isopropyl Alcohol Solvent that we obtain from an aircraft equipment supplier. 

  • To properly disinfect, isopropyl alcohol must be diluted with water. The CDC recommends at least 70% alcohol for killing Covid-19 and our solution is 75% to provide a margin of safety. A stronger solution is not better. The chemical combination of alcohol and water in about these proportions is necessary for proper disinfection. 

    Now that you know the basics, call us to discuss your particular needs and schedule our Cleaning & Sanitizing Service. 860-570-1390.