Our First Truck!


When we complete the purchase of Value Office Furniture, it will come with two box trucks, both on their last legs. I've been really worried about this for awhile.

Recently, a routine office liquidation we were handling in Value Office Furniture came with a surprise. It was a 1999 Ford E350 box truck with new tires, brakes, and only 82,000 miles on it, about a third of what's on the Value Office trucks. The highest bid was $2100, and after some quick research indicated that it should be selling for $6 - $8,000, I bought it for 2nd Chance Planet for $2500. It needs a new latch and cables on the overhead door, and some fiberglass patching to the aluminum box, but is otherwise is great shape, so we'll have at least one reliable truck to begin operations!

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  • Gregory Spear
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